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Mohave, Arizona; Mohave, Arizona; Mohave, Arizona
$ 39,900.00

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40.00 acres for sale in Mohave County, AZ. This beautiful 40-acre property is an invest of a lifetime ! You can live or farm but must haul or have water delivered to the property, no electricity and would have to install a septic. As a bonus, you can also purchase another 40-Acre property adjacent to this beauty! These 2 parcel properties are accessible by gravel roads and is 24 mins away from Highway 95 which gives you easy access to Lake Havasu City! This area has a population of 2.1K and boasts a safe and welcoming environment! These properties are located just 54 minutes away from the ASU Lake Havasu and just 45 mins from Colorado River Medical Center! Enjoy all the attractions such as the Red Rock View! Make hay while the sun shines! Dont miss out on this grand opportunity!
You are welcome to visit the property. Maps, directions, and specific location information are all available on our website.

Purchasing Options:
Seller Financing: $39,900.00 w/ $3,990.00 down. Please see website for additional details.
Discounted Cash Price: $38,900.00

Nearby Attractions:
Lake Havasu State Park:
The scenic shoreline of Lake Havasu State Park is an ideal place to enjoy beautiful beaches, nature trails, boat ramps, and convenient campsites. This spot is truly a watersport haven located near the famous London Bridge of Lake Havasu City. The park offers three boat ramps, 47 campsites, a special events area (not available on holiday weekends), picnic area, and beach area. The Mohave Sunset Trail (1.75 miles) winds its way through the lowland desert and along the shoreline. The Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden showcases the diverse life that exists within the park and this area of the desert. Birds, lizards, and desert cottontails are common sights.

Route 66:
One of the original U.S. Highways, Route 66 was established on November 11, 1926, stretching 2,448 miles. Route 66 served as a major path for those who migrated west. One of our favorite segments along the Mother Road stretches 87 miles from Seligman westward to Kingman in Arizona. Seligman is located on Historic Route 66, between Flagstaff and Kingman, just north of the present-day I-40. It is situated at an altitude of 5,242′, and has a population of about 450 residents. On this leg of Route 66 we will pass through the small towns of Yampai, Peach Springs, Truxton, Valentine and Hackberry on the way. Kingman is located on Historic Route 66, Interstate 40, U.S. Route 93, and Arizona Highway 68. With its geographical location, it provides access to the gambling destinations of Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada, as well as the Grand Canyon, California, the Colorado River, Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Lake Mohave, and Lake Havasu. It also is an Amtrak stop.

Hualapai Mountain Park:
Hualapai Mountain Park, near Kingman, Arizona is a 2,300-acre park that offers picnicking and 10 miles of trails for hiking, biking, and equestrians, plus cabins. With a trail system dating back to the Great Depression, Hualapai Mountain Park has been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts for decades.

Property Details:
STATE: Arizona (AZ)
COUNTY: Mohave
SIZE: 40.00 Acres
APN(s): 210-12-022 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
GPS COORDINATES: 34.74760702971129,-114.33638692052143
TAXES: No back taxes, approximately $71.94 per year total
HOA Dues: Approximately $0.00 per year total
ACCESS: Gravel
ZONING: Residential Agricultural
SEWER: Would be Onsite Septic
WATER: Hauled/Delivered
UTILITIES: More or less 10, 500 ft
TERRAIN: Level to sloping
CONVEYANCE: Warranty Deed
TITLE: Free and Clear

1. Lake Havasu, AZ – 49 Minutes
2. Kingman, AZ – 53 Minutes
3. Prescott, AZ – 3 Hours 9 Minutes
4. Las Vegas, NV – 3 Hours 14 Minutes
5. Phoenix, AZ – 3 Hours 55 Minutes

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