Are you looking for Pershing County NV land for sale?

If so, you are not alone.

Pershing County NV is a popular land buying area. With a population density of 1 person per square mile, neighbors are not going to be your issue.

Pershing County is also the home of the annual Burning Man Festival. The annual festival takes place at Black Rock City on the west side of the county.

One of the things most people like about Pershing County is the ability to acquire very affordable land with clean air and 360-degree views of incredible mountain ranges.

Troy’s search for Pershing County NV Land

I’d like to introduce you to a recent Landmodo customer, we will call him Troy.

Troy and his wife really wanted acreage in Northern NV so they could build their dream ranch.  As Troy would tell you “there’s something magical about dreaming about your own Nevada Ranch.”

Troy and his wife started searching for Pershing County NV Land and they came across

On the website, they found what looked like their dream property, but man, buying land over the internet seemed crazy.  However, that all went away when they learned about Landmodo’s money back guarantee.  They knew they had time to head out to the property, so they bought the land and then planned their trip to Pershing County.

When Troy and his wife arrived, they were shocked at how incredible this land was.  They realized, they just bought their dream lot, all 160-acres of it.

These are Troy’s words:

We are blown away. The property is absolutely gorgeous and we love it! There are wild antelope on the property and we saw 2 wild horses too. The mountain views are breathtaking and we don’t want to leave.  We couldn’t be happier with it and we are planning to build a ranch style home on it.

Now it’s your turn, you can find affordable land for your dream home, and if you are looking for a Nevada Ranch, look at these properties.

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Pershing County NV Land for Sale