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Your dream Retirement Spot in Navajo AZ: 0.28 Acre Lot for Only $100 Monthly

Navajo AZ Land for Sale
$3,920.00 Rural Owner Financed Land
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Navajo AZ is Calling!

With minimal light interference, this property becomes your private observatory, offering unparalleled access to celestial wonders. Immerse yourself in the night sky, tracing constellations and witnessing meteor showers in all their splendor. Each night is a cosmic journey, with every star as your companion in celestial adventures.

Beyond the enchantment of stargazing, this land is a blank canvas for your outdoor passions. Develop hiking trails through rugged terrain, leading to hidden wonders. Create birdwatching spots among ancient trees, where vibrant plumage and melodic tunes add color to the tranquility. Establish serene meditation areas, inviting you to find peace amidst nature's symphony. This property is not just an escape; it's an opportunity for creativity and adventure—a place where your outdoor dreams take flight, and your connection with the natural world deepens. Seize the opportunity to own a piece of this serene paradise and let your imagination soar beneath the Navajo sky.

For those over 50 earning around $60,000 or more per month, this property offers an ideal investment or retirement spot to relish the beauty of nature and create lasting memories

GPS Coordinates:

34.987917, -110.005389

Property information
  • APN: 105-41-075 and 105-41-076
  • Location: Navajo County, AZ
  • Size: 0.28 Acres
  • Annual Property Taxes: $38
  • Access: Road Access
  • Terrain: Varied
  • Conveyance: Warranty Deed

 Financing Options
*Non-refundable Document Fee: $249 (required for both cash and finance transactions)*



Owner Financing Available:

$100 Down Payment

-  $100/month x 48 months

- Total Terms: $4,900

Let's Talk
[email protected]
(469) 772-8118

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Property Details

Your dream Retirement Spot in Navajo AZ: 0.28 Acre Lot for Only $100 Monthly
Owner Financed Land
Complete Address
Navajo AZ

Pricing Details

  • Down Payment
  • $100.00
  • Monthly Payment
  • $100.00
  • Months
    Type of Property
    105-41-075 and 105-41-076
    1 2 3 4
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