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Posted 03/25/2024 by Luke French

Sutton Dr, Ramah, NM 87321 Land for Sale

Claim Your Hunting Paradise near Ramah, NM - $150/mo

$10,900.00 Rural Owner Financed Land
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Claim Your Hunting Paradise near Ramah, NM - $150/mo 

Are you yearning for an escape from the concrete jungle and the thrill of Unrestricted hunting? Your search ends here, fellow hunters! We proudly present an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of nature's hunting paradise near Ramah, NM. Get ready for an exhilarating ride as we unveil the extraordinary allure of 2.5 acres (or even up to 10 acres with all 4 lots!) of untamed land in the Pine Meadows subdivision. Let's dive in and discover why this could be your ultimate hunting adventure!

Imagine waking up to breathtaking mountain views, where the symphony of nature harmonizes with your hunting instincts. With expansive, wooded properties at your disposal, you'll be at one with the wilderness, surrounded by limitless hunting possibilities. Picture yourself tracking elusive game through vast trails, embracing the thrill of the hunt, and exploring nature's hidden wonders. With up to 10 acres of prime hunting land, your hunting paradise awaits!

  • 2.5 acres (up to 10 acres!) of untamed land near Ramah, NM for Unrestricted freedom.
  • Awe-inspiring mountain views to rejuvenate your spirit.
  • Endless outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and horseback riding on nearby trails.
  • Create your dream cabin or off-grid sanctuary amidst untouched landscapes.
  • No zoning restrictions, giving you complete control.

Seize the day & click the green "Contact the Seller" button to get in touch with us for more details on this property.


Owner Financing Available!

$100 down (plus the $250 doc fee)

$150/mo for 72 months

Seize the day & click the green "Contact the Seller" button to get in touch with us for more details on this property.


SUBDIVISION: Pine Meadows Unit 4

STREET ADDRESS: N/A, near Sutton Dr, Ramah, NM 87321


COUNTY: Cibola County, NM

ZIP: 87321

SIZE: 2.5 acres

LOT DIMENSIONS: 155 feet (NW Leg) x 661 (NE Leg) x 167 feet (SE Leg) x 703 feet (SW Leg)

LEGAL DESCRIPTION: Lot numbered 815 in PINE MEADOW RANCHES UNIT NO. 4, Cibola County, New Mexico, as the same are shown and designated on the Plat thereof filed in the office of the County Clerk of Valencia County, New Mexico on May 6, 1980, and Replats filed August 10, 1980 and April 21, 1980.

ELEVATION: 7,409 feet

ANNUAL TAXES: Approx. $95 per year

ZONING: Cibola County does not have zoning - Single Family Homes are allowed. 


HOA/POA: Pine Meadow Ranches POA. Annual Dues $37.49. Property owners pay assessments each year to help maintain the roads as they are private roads and there is no help from the state or county. When people buy property in Units 3 or 4, they become members of the Pine Meadow Ranches Property Owners Association. The yearly assessments are based on the amount of property they own, and this money is used for road maintenance in Units 3 & 4.


ACCESS: Property can be accessed via Sutton Dr.

WATER: Can drill a well for water or haul.

SEWER: Septic. It must be approved in writing by the Quality Control Committee and in accordance with the requirements,standards, and recommendations of the Environmental Improvement Division (E.I.D.)

UTILITIES: No power lines nearby but this area should be under Continental Divide Electric Cooperative. Power could also be by solar, wind or generator, Phone by cellular, satellite TV/Internet/Phone

Seize the day & click the green "Contact the Seller" button to get in touch with us for more details on this property.


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Claim Your Hunting Paradise near Ramah, NM - $150/mo
Owner Financed Land
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Sutton Dr, Ramah, NM 87321

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  • Down Payment
  • $100.00
  • Monthly Payment
  • $150.00
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