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Posted 04/03/2024 by Bear Fruit Properties

Golden Valley, AZ 86413 Land for Sale

Your RV Sanctuary in Chloride, AZ - 5 Acres of Freedom

$16,495.00 Rural Owner Financed Land
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Your RV Sanctuary in Chloride, AZ - 5 Acres of Freedom

Discover the freedom of RV living on this expansive 5-acre land parcel in Chloride, AZ. It's more than just land; it's an opportunity to create your own private sanctuary. You're just a short drive from the bustling life of downtown Kingman, yet far enough to relish the peace and tranquility you've been searching for.

As you stand on this vast 5-acre canvas, you'll see the potential for your RV lifestyle to thrive. With excellent road access and a serene Desert Landscape, this property is an oasis for adventure seekers. Picture yourself enjoying the breathtaking Arizona sunsets and clear night skies, all from the comfort of your RV. The convenience of being just 30 miles from downtown Kingman ensures you're never far from essentials, while the untouched desert surroundings offer a retreat from the city's hustle and bustle. Make this your RV sanctuary and experience the freedom you've always longed for.

  • $̶2̶0̶,̶5̶9̶5̶   $16,495  (Discounted cash price)


  • $1,995 Down, $300 Per Month for 62 Months 

  • No Pre-Payment Penalty!

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All property is secured by a down payment and a $250 non-refundable document fee.  All Property is first come-first served.  The Down Payment and Document fee is 1-time use.  If it is open, it is still available.  If you like it we strongly suggest you don’t delay.  Our property moves fast.  

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Property Specific Information:
Apn: 340-20-088
Parcel Size: 5 Acres
Zoning Code: Ar/2A - Agriculture Residential
Elevation: 988.9 m or 3244.5 feet
Terrain Type: Desert
Power Status: Would have to contact Unisource Energy or Mohave Electric Coop.
Septic Status: Would need to install to live on the property.
Water Status: Would need to drill a well.
HOA: None

Closest Towns:

Kingman, Az:
Distance: Approximately 22 miles southeast of Chloride.
Description: The largest nearby city, offering essential services, amenities, and historical attractions like the Historic Route 66 Museum.

Dolan Springs, AZ:
Distance: Approximately 25 miles northwest of Chloride.
Description: A small town known for its proximity to the Grand Canyon's western rim and access to recreational areas like Lake Mead.

Golden Valley, Az:
Distance: Approximately 28 miles south of Chloride.
Description: A residential community in the Sacramento Valley, providing a rural atmosphere with convenient access to nearby cities.

Bullhead City, Az:
Distance: Approximately 55 miles southwest of Chloride.
Description: Situated along the Colorado River, Bullhead City offers riverfront recreation, casinos, and proximity to Laughlin, Nevada.

Las Vegas, Nv:
Distance: Approximately 100 miles northwest of Chloride.
Description: A major city known for its entertainment, casinos, and cultural attractions, offering a diverse range of experiences.

Local Attractions:

Historic Route 66 Museum:
Location: 120 W Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401
Distance from Kingman: In the heart of downtown Kingman
Description: Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of the Mother Road at the Historic Route 66 Museum. Explore exhibits showcasing the history of this iconic highway, vintage cars, and memorabilia that capture the essence of the cross-country journey.

Hualapai Mountain Park:
Location: 6250 Hualapai Mountain Rd, Kingman, AZ 86401
Distance from Kingman: Approximately 15 miles southeast
Description: A natural haven, Hualapai Mountain Park offers a retreat into cool pine forests and mountainous terrain. Popular for hiking, camping, and picnicking, it provides a refreshing escape with scenic trails and breathtaking views.

Prospector's Park:
Description: Enjoy the serene surroundings of Prospector's Park, a peaceful area with picnic tables and shade. This park offers a relaxing spot to unwind and appreciate the natural beauty of Chloride.

Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course:
Location: 1001 Gates Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401
Distance from Kingman: Approximately 3 miles northwest
Description: Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round at Cerbat Cliffs Golf Course. With scenic views of the surrounding mountains, this 18-hole course provides a challenging and enjoyable experience for players of all levels.

Mohave Museum of History and Arts:
Location: 400 W Beale St, Kingman, AZ 86401
Distance from Kingman: In the downtown area
Description: Delve into the regional history of Mohave County at the Mohave Museum. Exhibits cover Native American cultures, mining history, and the development of the area. The museum offers a comprehensive look at the diverse heritage of Kingman and its surroundings.

Discover Kingman, AZ

Nestled within the enchanting landscapes of northwestern Arizona, Kingman stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of rich history and captivating natural beauty. Surrounded by the picturesque Hualapai Mountains, the town boasts a diverse topography that ranges from arid desert expanses to rugged mountain terrain. The historic downtown district, adorned with murals depicting the town's storied past, serves as a captivating backdrop for exploring the heritage that has shaped Kingman over the decades.

Kingman, often regarded as the "Heart of Historic Route 66," carries the legacy of this iconic highway, with stretches of the Mother Road passing through its core. Beyond its historical significance, the town is characterized by its accessibility. Well-maintained roads offer seamless connections to neighboring cities, including Las Vegas, just over an hour's drive away. This accessibility, combined with the scenic drives along Route 66, positions Kingman as a gateway to explore the wonders of the American Southwest.

Prospective residents find allure in the availability of utilities, making Kingman an accommodating place to call home. Power lines crisscross the landscape, offering convenient access for those looking to build their dream homes. The town's commitment to modern amenities is complemented by the availability of water lines, ensuring a reliable water supply. Whether drawn by the charm of the historic downtown, the proximity to scenic landscapes, or the ease of access to essential utilities, Kingman presents itself as an appealing destination for those seeking a balance between rich history and the comforts of contemporary living.

Nearby Attractions

In the heart of the Arizona desert, Kingman and Mohave County emerge as an oasis of recreational opportunities, enticing both residents and visitors with a diverse tapestry of activities. At the forefront is the Hualapai Mountain Park, an expansive wilderness that offers a refuge for outdoor enthusiasts. With over 10 miles of hiking trails meandering through dense pine forests, this park is a haven for nature lovers. Families gather for picnics in shaded areas, while adventure seekers tackle the challenging trails, embracing the exhilaration of mountain biking and horseback riding.

For those seeking a taste of the Old West, the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area unfolds as a playground for off-road enthusiasts. The vast network of trails invites dirt bikers and off-roaders to explore the rugged terrain, providing an adrenaline-pumping escape. The roar of engines mingles with the desert breeze as riders navigate the undulating landscape, creating an off-road haven just outside the city limits.

The allure of the Colorado River beckons water enthusiasts, and Kingman serves as a gateway to its pristine waters. A short drive takes you to the shores of Lake Havasu, where boating, fishing, and watersports abound. Residents revel in the serenity of casting a line into the tranquil waters or partaking in the vibrancy of Lake Havasu City's renowned events, such as the London Bridge Days and the Havasu Balloon Festival.

Mohave County, beyond Kingman's borders, unfolds with vast expanses of Desert Landscapes, offering opportunities for ATV adventures, camping under starlit skies, and exploring hidden gems like the Grand Canyon Caverns. Whether it's the thrill of off-roading, the tranquility of hiking, or the water-centric joys along the Colorado River, Kingman and Mohave County stand as a testament to the boundless recreation awaiting those who choose to call this desert haven home.

Directions from Kingman, Arizona, USA
Head south on N 4th St toward E Andy Devine Ave/Historic Rte 66
292 ft
Turn right at the 1st cross street onto E Andy Devine Ave/Historic Rte 66
0.4 mi
Continue straight 295 ft
Use any lane to turn left onto W Beale St
Pass by Carl's Jr (on the right in 0.3 mi)
1.1 mi
Continue onto US-93 N
25.0 mi
Turn left onto Cottonwood Rd
200 ft
Turn left onto Turquoise Rd

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Your RV Sanctuary in Chloride, AZ - 5 Acres of Freedom
Owner Financed Land
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Golden Valley, AZ 86413

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  • $1,995.00
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  • $300.00
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