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Posted 05/15/2024 by Plant Your Flag Properties

Oregon Pines Rd, Beatty, OR 97621 Land for Sale

Homestead Haven: Oregon Pines Retreat in Beatty | $250/Month

$11,900.00 Rural Owner Financed Land
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MAIN FEATURES: Trees | Oregon Pines | Sprague River | State Park | Mobile Home 

Nestled amidst the captivating landscape of Beatty, Oregon, lies a serene haven awaiting its homesteader. Situated on Oregon Pines Rd., this 1.6-acre parcel boasts a harmonious blend of towering trees, including majestic Oregon Pines, alongside the tranquil flow of the Sprague River. With a level to slightly sloping terrain offering enchanting mountain vistas, this property provides an idyllic canvas for crafting your dream abode. 

Accessed via a county-maintained dirt road, this homestead offers the perfect balance of seclusion and convenience. Embrace the opportunity to build your ideal home or mobile home retreat amidst nature's embrace, where the soothing melody of the river complements the symphony of rustling leaves. Explore nearby amenities like Squaw Flat Store and Whistler's Trading Post for essentials, while indulging in the charm of local dining spots like Southern Oregon Barbeque and Molly's Crater Lake Diner. Experience the joy of homesteading in Beatty, where every sunrise illuminates the promise of a new adventure in this picturesque setting.

   Payment Options   

Cash Price:$11,900 OR Alternatively.
Easy Term:

$99 down (not $250) and $250 for 47 months ($249 document fee)

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Property Details

APN / Parcel
Terrain Type
Level to Slightly Sloping with Mountain Views
GPS Coordinates
42.542764, -121.385728
Google Map Link
Rural Residential (R-2)
What Can Be Built
Mobile Home / Notes
Must install Well, Holding Tank, or Hauled
Sewer / Septic
Must install Septic Tank

None. Can Inquire at Klamath Falls Utilities Dep't (541) 883-5366
Can use Propane Gas | Contact AmeriGas (541) 882-6804

Contact Sprague River Transfer Station (541) 883-5121

Opens: Thursday-Saturday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Closed: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Cable / Internet
Closest Cities
Beatty (11 mi)
Sprague River (13 mi)
Hildebrand (27 mi)
Bly (24 mi)
Dairy (33 mi)
Chiloquin (36 mi)
Klamath Falls (51 mi)
Nearby AmenitiesSquaw Flat Store (13 mi)
Whistler's Trading Post (13 mi)
Southern Oregon Barbeque (11 mi)
Highway Café (24 mi)
Molly's Crater Lake Diner (36 mi)
The TP in Chiloquin (36 mi)
Nearby Attractions
Train Mountain Railroad Museum (38 mi)
Collier Logging Museum (40 mi)
Collier Memorial State Park (40 mi)
Upper Klamath National Wildlife Refuge (50 mi)

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Property Details

Homestead Haven: Oregon Pines Retreat in Beatty | $250/Month
Owner Financed Land
Complete Address
Oregon Pines Rd, Beatty, OR 97621

Pricing Details

  • Down Payment
  • $99.00
  • Monthly Payment
  • $250.00
  • Months
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