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Land Investors Results - Michigan, United States Of America

Rated 5/5 (2 Reviews)

LandJoy makes buying raw land an easy and enjoyable process. Whether you're looking for a great investment, a plot for your future dream home or simply a location for

LandRayz Properties LLC

Land Investment husband and wife doing what they love. Buying and selling vacant land for investments, home building and recreational purposes. Owner Financing available.

Lipa Tree Properties

Lipa Tree Properties We buy and sell raw land to build a better future for our families. Let us help you build a better future for your family, too. Lipa Tree Properties

LTR Land
Rated 5/5 (11 Reviews)

We are a family owned business that seeks to fulfill your land dreams in a quick and simple way.

Reland Properties
Rated 5/5 (4 Reviews)

At Reland our goal is to help you fulfill your dream of land ownership. We only pick the very best properties to offer for sale, we pass on more properties than we buy

Cambio Communities

Cambio Communities is a manufacturer housing operator that manages communities in MI, NC and more.

Jordan Camposano

Dad of 3 daughters, husband to an amazing wife. Investor recently looking into land acquisition for multiple reasons, personal and business.


I am very interested in the field of real estate, and especially in the purchase of land. I believe that land is a very valuable asset, both financially and emotionally.

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