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What State Has the Cheapest Land? (Answered) | Landmodo

What State Has the Cheapest Land? A Comprehensive Guide for Buyers

In a world where real estate prices seem to be soaring higher by the day, the dream of owning a piece of land can sometimes feel unattainable. However, for those willing to explore beyond the crowded metropolitan areas and delve into the heartland of America, there are pockets of opportunity waiting to be discovered.

In this article, we'll uncover what state has the cheapest land in the US, offering you a chance to make your land ownership dream a reality.

Advantages of Buying Cheap Land

Buying property in inexpensive states can provide numerous advantages for property owners. These states typically have lower housing costs, making homeownership more affordable. Here are several key reasons why knowing what state has the cheapest land can be beneficial.

  • Affordability
  • The cheapest state to buy land will offer lower home prices and property taxes, meaning individuals can purchase larger homes or invest in multiple properties without breaking the bank. This affordability can be especially attractive for first-time buyers and real estate investors.

  • Lower Operating Costs
  • Lower property taxes and utility costs reduce ongoing expenses for property owners. That enables homeowners to allocate resources towards other financial goals or property improvements, ultimately enhancing the property's value.

  • Diverse Investment Opportunities
  • The cheapest places to buy land offer many investment opportunities, from single-family homes and multi-family units to commercial properties. Property owners can tailor their investments to their specific goals and risk tolerance.

  • Stable Real Estate Markets
  • The best states to buy land have secure and steadily growing real estate markets. While they may not experience the rapid appreciation seen in more expensive areas, they are less prone to drastic market fluctuations, providing a sense of security for property owners.

  • Quality of Life
  • States with cheapest land often provides a high quality of life with a lower cost of living. Residents can enjoy more disposable income for leisure activities, savings, or investments, improving their overall financial well-being.

  • Rental Income Potential
  • Investing in inexpensive states can yield attractive rental income opportunities. Lower purchase prices and operating costs mean investors can achieve higher rental yields, potentially generating significant passive income.

  • Diversification
  • Investing in multiple properties across different states, including inexpensive ones, can diversify a real estate portfolio. That can help mitigate risks associated with regional economic fluctuations.

  • Long-Term Appreciation
  • While appreciation rates may be slower in inexpensive states over the long term, property values tend to rise over time. Savvy property owners can benefit from this while enjoying lower ownership costs.

Purchasing property in inexpensive states can be a strategic financial decision. It offers affordability, stability, diversification, and the potential for long-term gains, all contributing to property owners' economic well-being and success.

However, conducting thorough research and considering individual goals is crucial before making real estate investment decisions. If you are wondering, “Where is the cheapest land in the US, this guide has you covered.

Top States with the Cheapest Land in the US

Regarding affordable land in the United States, several states stand out as attractive options for prospective buyers and investors. That’s why we will explore what state has the cheapest land in this guide.

From standout choices like the state of West Virginia, which consistently ranks among the top states with the most inexpensive land, you’ll find picturesque landscapes, rolling hills, and rural areas that offer ample opportunities for those seeking to purchase land at an affordable price. Whether you're interested in building a home, starting a farm, or investing in real estate, the states in this guide have land prices that will maximize your budget.

They offer compelling opportunities for individuals looking to acquire land without breaking the bank, making them top choices for affordable real estate investments in the US.


Tennessee, often known for its rich musical heritage and stunning landscapes, offers more than a melodious experience. It's also home to some of the most affordable land in the United States. Tennessee's rolling hills and picturesque countryside present a unique opportunity for land buyers. Whether you're interested in a sprawling rural estate or a small piece of land to call your own, Tennessee has something for everyone.

The land affordability in Tennessee is often attributed to its lower cost of living and the absence of state income tax. That makes it an attractive destination for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life without considerable expense.


Nestled in the southern region of the United States, Arkansas boasts a serene and diverse landscape that ranges from the Ozark Mountains to the fertile plains of the Mississippi River Delta. There is a wealth of opportunity in its real estate market, where you can find some of the most budget-friendly land options in the country.

The state's rural charm and relatively low property taxes make Arkansas an enticing destination for prospective landowners. Whether you're interested in agricultural land, recreational property, or a quiet retreat, Arkansas offers various choices to suit your needs. This state may be where to buy cheap land, but it provides stunning natural surroundings.

New Mexico

New Mexico presents an intriguing option for those searching for a unique and affordable piece of land. The Land of Enchantment, as it is often called, boasts a remarkable landscape that includes deserts, mountains, and lush valleys. This diversity translates into a real estate market that offers something for every budget.

New Mexico's low population density means you can find vast expanses of land at competitive prices. The state's stunning desert scenery, clear skies, and unique cultural heritage add to its appeal for land buyers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you're looking to build your dream home or invest in land for future development, New Mexico's affordability and natural beauty make it a compelling choice.

West Virginia

West Virginia, nestled in the Appalachian region, is a hidden gem for land buyers seeking affordability and natural beauty. The state's rugged terrain and lush forests create a unique backdrop for those looking to escape the urban jungle.

Land prices in West Virginia are notably lower than in many other parts of the country. That, combined with its low property taxes and cost of living, makes West Virginia an attractive option for land buyers seeking a peaceful and affordable lifestyle. Although it is among the cheapest land in the USA, it does not sacrifice beauty and adventure.


While Arizona may be more commonly associated with its desert landscapes and vibrant cities, it also offers opportunities for budget-conscious land buyers. The state's impressive geography includes arid deserts, forests, canyons, and high plateaus.

The availability of affordable land in Arizona is often attributed to its vast size and the variety of landscapes it encompasses. Whether you're interested in building a desert retreat or a mountain cabin, Arizona's real estate market has options that won't break the bank.


Mississippi, known for its southern hospitality and rich cultural heritage, is another state that offers affordable land options. The Magnolia State's tranquil rural areas provide an excellent opportunity for those seeking to invest in land without depleting their savings.

Mississippi's lower cost of living and property taxes make it an appealing destination for land buyers. Whether you're interested in farmland, a waterfront property, or a quiet piece of countryside, Mississippi offers a range of choices that cater to various budgets.


Colorado might not be the first state that comes to mind regarding affordable land. Known for its stunning Rocky Mountains and outdoor recreational opportunities, Colorado's land prices can vary significantly depending on location and demand. While some rural areas may offer relatively inexpensive land, particularly in the southern and eastern parts of the state, the overall cost of land in Colorado tends to be higher than in other states.

Factors like proximity to urban centers, natural beauty, and recreational amenities can increase land prices. Therefore, while Colorado does have pockets of affordable land, it may not be the cheapest state overall.

If you're specifically searching for which state has the cheapest land, it's also worth exploring states in the Great Plains region, such as Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. These states often have more affordable land options, primarily due to their lower population densities and less desirable climates than states like Colorado.

Search for the Cheapest Land for Sale in the US with Landmodo

Still wondering where land is cheapest in the US? It's crucial to conduct thorough research, explore different states, and evaluate your priorities. Land ownership is a significant investment, and making an informed decision is essential.

However, it's vital to consider your needs and preferences when purchasing land, as factors like job opportunities, climate, and access to amenities should play a significant role in your decision-making process. Ultimately, the "cheapest" land concept is subjective and depends on your unique circumstances and goals.

To simplify your search for affordable land, consider using platforms like Landmodo, which specializes in connecting buyers with budget-friendly land options across the United States. By leveraging these resources, you can navigate the real estate market more effectively and increase your chances of turning your dream of land ownership into a reality.

While the cost of land in the United States can vary significantly from state to state, numerous affordable options are available for those willing to explore beyond the traditional hotspots. Whether you're drawn to the rolling hills of Tennessee, the rugged beauty of West Virginia, or the diverse landscapes of Arizona, you can find a piece of land that fits your budget and fulfills your dreams of land ownership. So, start your journey today, and let the adventure of affordable land acquisition begin.

Landmodo helps you buy land with owner financing. Owner financing, also called seller financing, means you can buy land with no bank or credit. Want to know more about the cheapest land for sale in the USA? Contact us now to get started!

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