Can you really get Free Land in Colorado?

Well, yes you can and it’s really good land at that.  Before I explain how you can find free land in Colorado, let me explain a little about this website you are on. is a land listing platform that helps landowners connect with those who are looking for land for sale.

A lot of the land sellers on here are actually land investors who are able to create incredible deals and many of the properties listed are owner financed land.

Great so where is the Free Land?

We are getting to this.  So we were sitting around in a meeting eating tacos and pondering, how do we get more traffic to our site.

Alex, who is a great engineer and not a marketing guy in the least said “hey, why don’t we give away free land?”

And the entire room silenced. That’s when we all agreed that it was a great idea and on the spot, Alex was promoted to Vice-President of Marketing (No, not really, but he does have potential).

So that is where the idea of free land was born in our company, all while eating tacos and drinking Margaritas.

As we pondered the idea further, we wondered, should we try to get some free government land?  You know the land that Cousin Eddie (Vegas Vacation) lives on that gives him the whitest teeth ever and 50 lb tomatoes.

We decided that is not what we wanted to be known for, so we settled on a better state, Colorado.

Now to the Point

So we created a sweepstake to give away some free land in Colorado.  This property is a 5-acre ranch.  It has road access, there is power in the area and it’s buildable, you just need to determine what you want to do with the property.

What can I do with this property? Glad you asked. You can do almost anything you want, but here are some suggestions:

  1. Go on an adventure and find your land – we give you the GPS coordinates you just need to search for it.
  2. Bring a Tiny Home out there. It’s off the grid living territory.
  3. Hold onto it for long-term investment. I mean, your return on your investment will be insane, since the property is yours free and all.
  4. Sell it. I don’t care what you do with it. You could totally turn around and sell the property.

Our Giveaway has ended, however, click here for some cheap land for sale in Colorado.
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