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Pioneer Spirit Properties Reviews

Submitted by Henry on 09/14/2023

Quick and Efficient

Overall Rating

Very good in replying back quickly and definitely explained everything clearly and efficiently.

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Great efficient service

Buying property through this company was great the contract reasonable and easy

Submitted by Mike on 09/03/2023

Quick and Smooth

Derek was extremely helpful and eager to answer any and all of my questions. He went above and beyond sending pictures and info. He was very friendly and easy to talk with. Transaction was quick and easy. 

Submitted by Debbie on 08/23/2023

Actually not a scam

So, i found him on fb marletplace. I originally was tryna get a 6.6 acre land but in the end ended up getting a little more. He helped me through ebery step and made sure i was actually followint through. He made sure that this is what i wanted, nd for that i say thank you. At first i thought it was a scam, but i decided to stick to my guns nd it payed off. Hes a genuin guy sellin cheap ass properties. Yall can trust em, hes helpful and great.

Submitted by Oksana on 08/20/2023

Easiest process

Derrick was fast and very responsive. The process was so easy within a few hours everything was done. Highly recommend buying land from him. I’ll most likely be buying more. Hands down 10 out of 10

Submitted by Taylor Leibundgut on 08/12/2023

Property Upgrade

my wife and I purchased a property from Dereck . We decided to upgrade to a different property we had . It was a very smooth and painless process . Dereck has been great to work with from the start and would absolutely refer anyone to him 

Submitted by Andrew on 02/06/2023

Best 1st Time Experience!

We were nervous and skeptical to go through an 'owner carry' property loan journey and we are new to investing in property. Pioneer Spirit Properties made it easy, clear and step-by-step.Very professional and easy to get a hold of for questions also. So clear, upfront and professional that we felt the nervousness and skepticism completely go away! Then Derek, owner of Pioneer Spirit Properties, genuinely was excited for us to acquire this property, knowing we had been searching for it for awhile. He took interest in the goal we were trying to achieve and helped us reach it. Great experience!!

Submitted by Tiffany Jackson on 01/16/2023

Your best choice to buy land

You will have the best experience buying threw Derek this is our second family property and we will be buying more thank you so much for a great experience 

Submitted by Lawrence Bailey on 01/08/2023

Review of process

I worked with Dereck  a few days before my wife and I decided to purchase a piece of land from him. Dereck was very informative and not pushy at all what you would expect from a salesman. He was very helping and answered all the questions we had.  I would highly recommend him to anyone. The process was simple and painless. Everything was signed online with no issue! 

Submitted by Andrew on 12/14/2022

Land buyer experience

Hello I had a great experience with Darek  he was very friendly on phone walked me right into where the property was had it marked off so it was easy to find explained everything down to the T. He made buying land easy an affordable will definitely buy from him again. 

Submitted by Healthy Atmosphere Living Llc on 11/10/2022

My property

I am very happy with Derek on helping me with the property that I have purchased. He is someone who is out to help someone looking for property and is very helpful thank you  landmodo for my dream coming true . Kenneth Pruden 

Submitted by Kenneth Pruden on 11/06/2022

Gaur Lane 2.09

Extremely Professional, Helped me get my dream land.

Submitted by Robert Thomas on 10/14/2022

We did it

We just got a one acre plot was really easy process Derek is amazing and super helpful so if your looking for someone to help guid you threw the buying process look no further 

Submitted by Lawrence Bailey on 10/09/2022

Finally a company that is Real,

I am so thankful for the generous rates* on such an amazing Lot,Pioneer Spirits Property is the most affordable and the best at communicating. This makes the trust factor equal to the investment value, 100% worth it!*Shitty other company try to charge you 3x the amount and barky answer their phone .*

Submitted by K&k on 08/26/2022

Very personable

As a first time buyer, especially in THIS economy, Derek was very informative. I’m planning on creating a homestead as my retirement plan and I was very impressed with how he wasn’t trying to “sell it” like a used car dealer. He listened and he related which made me ask more questions. So whilst I start my payments with my recent purchase, he’s helping me to figure out water, septic system, etc.. Absolutely above and beyond! 100% recommend.

Submitted by Billy G on 07/06/2022