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Mohave AZ Land for Sale

Owner-financed land for sale in Mohave, AZ

Mohave County Land Information

Mohave County, located in the northwestern corner of Arizona, is rich in natural beauty and diverse landscapes. As of the latest estimates, the county boasts a population of over 200,000 residents. It's known for its vast desert terrain, punctuated by mountain ranges and the Colorado River, which forms its western border.

Key communities within Mohave County include Dolan Springs, White Hills, and Lake Mohave Ranchos, each offering its unique charm and lifestyle. Dolan Springs, positioned along the foothills of the Cerbat Mountains, is a gateway to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, attracting nature enthusiasts and adventurers. White Hills, closer to the Nevada-Arizona border, is known for its serene desert environment. It is becoming increasingly popular for its proximity to larger cities while maintaining a rural charm.

Lake Mohave Ranchos stands out for its proximity to Lake Mohave, a reservoir on the Colorado River. This area is a haven for those seeking outdoor recreation, including boating, fishing, and hiking. The scenic beauty of the lake, combined with the expansive desert landscape, makes it a unique and appealing destination.