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Colorado Land Information

If you’re looking to invest in land, Colorado is one of the best states to do so. Investors can find cheap land for sale in Colorado that can be used for various purposes and deliver an excellent return on investment. Land in Colorado is commonly used for agriculture, ranching, and private residences.

Landmodo simplifies your search for the type of land in Colorado for sale to meet your needs. Landowners post their property for sale in Colorado on our site with all the details and specifications, and we connect them with the right buyers to make the most of their land. As a buyer, you can enter your price, property size, and property type requirements to narrow your search and find what you’re looking for. 

Buying Land in Colorado: Considerations

There are many details to consider before buying land for sale in Colorado. The state's landscape is varied, with many elevated, mountainous regions and other flatter areas that are perfect for growing crops or building structures. Depending on your goals with your Colorado land, it’s essential to determine what type of terrain you want to gain in your property purchase. 

If hunting is your primary goal for your land in Colorado, you’ve picked the right state. Colorado’s mountainous landscape allows many species to thrive, and avid hunters can find plentiful big and small game animals, including deer, moose, elk, quail, pheasant, and more. Remember that permits to hunt are still required for landowners, and hunting seasons in Colorado are state-managed to ensure game species maintain healthy population numbers. 

What other purposes can Colorado land for sale be used for, and what is the pricing like? Here’s a closer look at these and other important considerations for potential landowners. 

Price Per Acre

The type of land and any structures built upon it can significantly affect the price per acre when you buy land in Colorado. As of 2022, the average cost of Colorado farmland, including the land itself and any buildings on the land, was $1,770 per acre

This price average is very affordable for land investors compared to more expensive states such as Utah, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Though the price of specific pieces of land in the state will vary depending on location, usage, and size, cheap land for sale in Colorado is relatively easy to come by. 

Type of Land

As mentioned above, the type of land will be a primary factor in determining what a piece of property is worth. For example, if your biggest priority is hunting when buying land for sale, Colorado areas with high numbers of big game will likely be more expensive per acre than areas with primarily small game. 

Additionally, pieces of land meant for farming and other agricultural uses will vary in price per acre depending on what types of crops can grow in that area. Any structures already present on the land, including homes, garages, barns, and others, will also add to the value of a piece of land. 

Other Considerations

Before purchasing cheap land in Colorado, it’s crucial to understand everything Colorado offers residents and visitors alike. While Colorado is a popular place for hunting and supports a thriving agricultural industry, it is also home to many specific tourist destinations that draw vacationers into the state throughout the year. 

Colorado is home to several national parks that people travel to worldwide for hiking, camping, biking, and fishing in the spring and summer months. Additionally, Colorado’s many ski resorts are well-known for their excellent skiing and snowboarding in wintertime, which means the towns near these resorts can expect a massive influx of visitors once the snow starts to fall. 

Depending on the location of your Colorado land, you could be affected by these tourist draws or even potentially benefit from them. While many Colorado land investors are interested primarily in hunting or farming, building rental homes on the state’s scenic land can yield a significant return on investment. 

All About Colorado

Now that you understand more about how you can use land in Colorado, take a moment to learn about the state’s other unique features that make it stand out from the rest. Aside from the plentiful land for sale, CO is a thriving state with much to offer its residents.

Population and Demographics

Though Colorado is the 8th largest state in the U.S. by square mileage, it ranks 22nd in population with about 5.8 million total residents. Though the population has increased over the past few years, the increases have been less than 1%. The largest city in Colorado, Denver, is also the state’s capital and has a population of roughly 711,000 as of 2021. 


Since the landscape of Colorado ranges from towering mountains to low valleys and farmland, the climate varies greatly depending on the area. Generally speaking, land for sale in Colorado features a dry and cool climate, maintaining low humidity levels across the seasons. In most years, Colorado will receive about 17 inches of rain and 67 inches of snow in the winter.

Moreover, these climatic conditions and the state's diverse topography create an environment ripe for various activities. From winter sports in the snow-clad mountains to farming in the fertile valleys, land for sale in Colorado offers a wealth of opportunities for both recreational and commercial endeavors.


Colorado’s economic landscape has dramatically changed over the state’s history. Though mining was one of the most significant contributors to the state’s economy in its early years, agriculture plays a much bigger role in modern times with products like dairy, cattle, corn, hay, and wheat. 

Other industries like government, machinery, and food processing are present in Colorado’s industry, and the hospitality and tourism sectors also contribute to the state’s income significantly. 


Outdoorsy activities like hiking, fishing, camping, farming, and ranching are prevalent among Colorado residents. Many of the state’s locals have lived off the land for many generations, and a dedication to environmentalism and respect for the land is pervasive in the state’s culture. 

When considering states known for their value in real estate, Colorado emerges as a shining star with its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and myriad opportunities. Among states with the cheapest land, Colorado not only offers affordability but also a promise of a future filled with potential. To discover that perfect Colorado plot that aligns with your dreams and financial plans, delve into Landmodo's comprehensive listings today!

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