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Tennessee Land 

There are many reasons to invest in land, but why buy land in Tennessee? Located in the Southern United States, Tennessee is a unique state full of rich history and opportunity. Purchasing land for sale in Tennessee can be very lucrative, depending on your goals and the type of land you purchase. 

Not sure how to get started browsing Tennessee land for sale? Landmodo connects owner-financed land in Tennessee with interested parties so that both sellers and buyers can achieve the outcome they’re looking for. 

There are many reasons to invest in TN land for sale, which is why Landmodo makes it easy for potential landowners to search by price, property type, parcel size, and more. You can use Tennessee land for farming, hunting, tourism, and many other unique purposes. Finding the right land for sale in Tennessee can set investors up for maximum success.

Buying Land in TN: Considerations

When it comes to purchasing land for sale, Tennessee has many ideal features, including rich soil for agriculture, mountainous regions, waterfront areas, proximity to city centers, and more. 

Before browsing the many offerings available on Landmodo, it’s essential to understand what you intend to use your land for and how its location, size, and geographical features might affect your decision. Here’s a closer look at some specific considerations all potential landowners should consider before purchasing land for sale in TN. 

Price Per Acre

The price of Tennessee land per acre will depend on many factors, including the size of the parcel, the location, and any structures remaining on the land when ownership exchanges hands. For example, farms for sale in Tennessee equipped with barns, houses, fences, garages, and other buildings will likely cost more per acre than a piece of land with no usable structures. 

The average acre of land in Tennessee is worth about $14,000. Though many parcels of land throughout the state are worth around this much or more, potential land investors can still find cheap land for sale in Tennessee if they look in the right areas. 

Type of Land

In Tennessee, there are many different types of land for sale. TN offers a varied landscape throughout its many regions. Along Tennessee’s border with North Carolina is a large portion of the Smoky Mountains, which reach peaks of up to 6,000 feet. This area provides many building opportunities, thanks to the beautiful mountain views. 

Many areas of Tennessee are at or below sea level and feature fertile land perfect for agriculture, such as the area along the Mississippi River’s drainage system. Tennessee is known for many different crops, including sweet potatoes, cotton, poultry, and tobacco. Purchasing land in the state for agricultural purposes could produce significant ROI. 

Many landowners purchase parcels in Tennessee for hunting purposes. The state is home to a variety of popular game animals, such as wild turkey, waterfowl, white-tailed deer, and black bear. Hunters in Tennessee must obtain the necessary hunting permits and follow the state hunting regulations. 

Other Considerations

Another important consideration to make when investing in land in Tennessee is the proximity of the land to large cities. Tennessee is home to some of the country’s most historically revered cities, and those areas are popular with tourists for various reasons. 

The capital city of Nashville, known as Music City, attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Other cities, such as Memphis and Knoxville, also draw crowds of visitors. While land near these major cities might have its upsides for some purposes (hospitality or tourism), it may have some downsides when it comes to agriculture or hunting. 

All About Tennessee

If you’re considering buying cheap land in Tennessee, there are many other details to think about than just the type of land you’re looking for, what region you’re looking at, and the land’s proximity to cities. 

Whether you plan to live on or simply do business from the land for sale, Tennessee has many distinct features that make it stand out. Learning more about the state will give you the complete picture of what owning land in a state like Tennessee would be like, no matter how you plan to use it.

Population and Demographics

Tennessee is the 36th largest state in the U.S., with 42,146 square miles. Currently, the population of the entire state is around 7 million people. Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is also the state’s largest city at roughly 1.3 million. 


The specific climate of different areas of Tennessee depends on the elevation and other factors. However, most of the state enjoys a subtropical climate with regular to high levels of humidity throughout the year. 

Summers in Tennessee tend to be hot and humid, but the state’s winters are much milder than many other U.S. states. Most of Tennessee’s regions can expect regular heavy precipitation throughout all four seasons. 


The economy of Tennessee is extremely varied, with many different industries present and thriving in the state. Agriculture is one of Tennessee’s most significant industries, with a large portion of the state’s residents employed in growing or transporting products like soybeans, poultry, and cattle. 

Manufacturing and tourism throughout the many cities are also huge parts of the state’s economy. Tourists regularly visit large Tennessee cities like Nashville and Memphis as well as the many local state parks, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail. 


One of the most significant parts of Tennessee's culture is its reputation as the heart of country music in the South. Many legends in this genre are closely associated with Tennessee, including Dolly Parton and Elvis Presley. In fact, Dollywood is a major tourist attraction located in Pigeon Forge, and music fans from all over the world travel to Memphis to see Presley’s former home, Graceland.  

When weighing your options within states known for affordable land, Tennessee undoubtedly stands out with its blend of history, culture, and vast opportunities. Tennessee offers a unique blend of landscapes and prospects if you're exploring states with the cheapest land. To find that perfect Tennessee parcel tailored to your vision and budget, search Landmodo's listed properties now! 

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