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Land for Sale in Florida

Why Buy Land in Florida?

Investing in land is an effective way to build wealth over time, but the location of your land can make a big difference in how lucrative your investment is and what you can do with your land.


Read More About Florida Land 

If you’re considering purchasing land for sale in Florida, there are many specific reasons why Florida land can be just as practical as it is valuable. 

Florida is a large state with many different types of ecosystems. While many people know Florida for the popularity of its coasts, the state has much more to offer throughout its landscape, including mountainous areas, forests, marshlands, and rich, nutrient-dense soil great for various kinds of farming. 

At Landmodo, the goal is to connect parcels of land with the perfect buyer by making it easy for landowners to list their offerings and for potential buyers to search for what they want using specific parameters. You can browse all kinds of Florida land on the Landmodo site based on parcel size, location, features, and more to find the investment property of your dreams.

Buying Land in Florida: Considerations

Before you purchase any Florida land for sale, you should have a plan for how you will use your land in FL. Many investors buy land in Florida to develop a new private property and live on the land or rent it out. Additionally, purchasing land for sale in FL for farming purposes can be a great way to tap into the varied agricultural market throughout the state. 

Once you’ve determined the purpose of your land purchase, you can make a more detailed plan about how to get the best return on investment possible. When investing in land for sale, Florida has many great land parcels available for people with various property investment goals. However, the specific considerations surrounding buying Florida land for sale can affect how you go about your investment. 

Price Per Acre

The cost of land in Florida per acre depends on many factors, including where the land is and what it’s meant to be used for. If you’re looking to purchase some of the cheapest land in Florida, many areas offer less than the state’s average price per acre. 

Florida’s farmland is averaged at a value of $6,600 per acre for farming and agricultural purposes. These prices are on the rise from their previous numbers in 2021, largely because Florida’s agricultural sector is strong and continuing to expand. While Florida may not always be considered the most affordable state for land acquisition, it offers competitive prices per acre compared to several other states. This makes it feasible to discover cheap land for sale in Florida, presenting valuable opportunities for savvy investors.

Type of Land

When hunting for land for sale in Florida, it’s essential to consider the type of land you’ll need for your goals. For example, purchasing a parcel of farmland may not be the best bang for your buck if you don’t plan to use the land for its intended purpose. This is why having a plan for your Florida land investment beforehand will set you up for success.

Many land investors purchase parcels for hunting in Florida, as the state is home to many large and small game animals, including wild hog, waterfowl, turkey, and white-tailed deer. In this case, the type of land you purchase in Florida may depend on the type of game you prefer to hunt and the hunting permits you can acquire.

Other Buying Considerations

Thinking about all of the details of your potential land purchase is essential, and one detail that many investors overlook is their land’s proximity to cities, farms, or other geographical features. 

If you plan to just live on your land and there are many farms around, it may reduce your quality of life. Additionally, being too close or too far from the nearest large city might affect the success of your investment as well, depending on your goals.  

All About Florida

As you create your plan for your land for sale in Florida, get to know the state better so you can truly make the most of your FL land ownership!

Population and Demographics

Currently, the population of Florida is over 22 million. While the state has a great deal of open farmland and rural areas, it’s also home to several densely populated cities. The largest city in Florida is Jacksonville by population and geographical size, with about 955,000 residents and 747 total square miles. 


Florida’s climate is considered to be humid subtropical. The state is relatively warm year-round with very mild winters, but summers in Florida can be very hot with high levels of humidity. You can expect rainfall throughout the seasons in Florida. 


Agriculture and manufacturing are major parts of Florida’s economy. Some of the most significant Florida exports are citrus, sugarcane, and tomatoes. Additionally, tourism plays a huge role in the state’s economy, especially in the Orlando area, where world-famous theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando are located. 


Florida's vibrant local culture is deeply influenced by its geographical proximity and historical ties to various regions. Just a short distance from Cuba, the state has naturally integrated many elements of Cuban culture. Moreover, the influence of Caribbean and Latin American traditions is prominently felt in Florida’s urban centers, enriching the state's cultural tapestry.

When assessing the real estate investment landscape, Florida shines brightly with its sun-kissed beaches, rich history, and diverse culture. If you're considering the best state to buy land, Florida beckons with a captivating mix of coastal vistas and inland treasures. To unearth the perfect Florida property that aligns seamlessly with your dreams and budget, browse Landmodo's comprehensive listings today!

Florida Counties with Land for Sale on Landmodo

  • Pasco County: Just north of Tampa, Pasco offers an affordable alternative to Tampa.  Browse Pasco Land for Sale
  • Polk County: Located east of Tampa and West of Orlando, Polk County offers a rural alternative.  Browse Polk Land for Sale.
  • Okeechobee County: Located on the North side of Lake Okeechobee in the southern center of Florida, Okeechobee is a great place for outdoor activities.  Browse Okeechobee County land for sale
  • Sarasota County: Home to the Ringling Museum and Northport, Florida.  Browse Sarasota County land for sale.  

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